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To ensure a youthful healthy smile for life, it’s important for both adults and children to clean their teeth at least twice a day.
Sadly this kind of routine is often missed leaving teeth in need of more serious cleaning.

A professional clean, also known as a scale and clean, is designed to remove plaque and tartar that is unable to be removed with normal everyday brushing at home.
Such regimes will help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.
Your teeth may need a professional clean if:

You have plaque or tartar on your teeth that can’t be removed by regular brushing and flossing.
Your teeth are stained from cigarette smoke or drinks such as coffee, tea or red wine
You want to take preventative measures to care for your teeth.

We provide teeth cleaning services to fully clean your teeth and gums. If required, your dentist will advise you to modify your daily oral hygiene habits.

For patients with private health insurance including dental cover, the cost of teeth cleaning is often covered by the health fund’s preventive dental benefits. This often means patients will have no or very limited out of pocket costs associated with a professional scale and clean.
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