In depth Restoration


A root canal is a dental procedure that involves the extraction of root nerves from a tooth, cleaning and shaping the canal cavity and then inserting fillers to prevent bacteria from re-entering nerve system.
Most often root canal is done so that the patient can retain the functional and cosmetic look.

Root canal treatment is a safe solution that can be use for saving a damaged tooth and maintaining your natural smile.
Therapy may be required if the nerve or pulp of a tooth has become infected or irreversibly inflamed. Signs you may need root canal treatment include:

Severe Tooth Sensitivity or tooth ache
Nerve damage to a tooth (hot and cold foods lead to discomfort)
Extreme biting discomfort which does not disappear
Touching or pressing the tooth hurts
Cracks which go into the Root Canal of a tooth
Trauma/damage to a tooth effecting the nerve inside a tooth
Tooth discoloration

When you come in for your appointment, your dentist will examine your tooth and take X-rays in order to diagnose the cause of your problem.
After proper examination, your dentist will be able to tell you the best course of action to resolve your symptoms or ask you to visit an endodontist, a specialist who treats nerve damage to the teeth.
Depending on the cause of the problem, your dentist may recommend a root canal.