Protection Plus


A dental sealant is a tooth-coloured plastic film that is professionally applied to the deep grooves (fissures) on the back teeth (molars) where tooth decay most often starts.

The bacteria in plaque live in these grooves and make acid which causes tooth decay.
Dental sealants assist in preventing the build up of plaque acids on the enamel surface of teeth and they are of value in the prevention of tooth decay.

A good time to apply sealants is soon after permanent teeth are fully erupted (after 13 years of age).
You can discuss with us today whether this will be beneficial to you or your child.

The treatment involves a simple and pain-free procedure – no drilling or removal of tooth structure is necessary.
Fissure sealants form an invisible layer of protection around the tooth without introducing bulk or discomfort to the patient.

Although the entire process takes only a few minutes per tooth, the sealants in hardened form can withstand the daily rigours of chewing and biting.
As long as the sealants are in place, your child’s permanent molars are no longer exposed to the risks of tooth decay.

Despite the immense benefits, Fissure Sealants should never be seen as a replacement for regular brushing, flossing or dental visits.
Nonetheless, they provide an easy and fuss-free method to fight against the dreaded tooth decay.