No Waiting


Experiencing a dental emergency? One of our friendly, skilful dentists will put you at ease and end your pain ASAP. No waiting.
We’ll assess the problem, treat the cause of the discomfort and ease the symptoms as quickly as possible.
If you need to come back for further treatment, we’ll sort a care plan to suit your schedule.

CBD Convenience

Right in the middle of Taree, our experienced team can take care of most dental emergencies immediately such as:

Broken fillings or crowns
Any kind of severe dental pain
Sports injuries affecting the teeth, jaw, lips, or face
Swelling, bleeding, or trauma
Cracked or chipped teeth

Quick Emergency Tips:

Don’t hold the tooth by the root.
Don’t scrub or rub the root surface.
Store the tooth in milk or saliva.
Seek dental treatment immediately.

Do you have an urgent dental situation? Relax. Our caring dentist is just a phone call away.