Bridging the Gaps


A dental bridge is used to provide tooth replacement for one or more missing teeth.

Although the cosmetic effect of missing teeth is often of concern, the greater issue is what happens to the ability to chew food, maintain healthy gums and when teeth surrounding the gap start to shift.
Dental bridges provide the solution. A dental bridge procedure uses a crown, also known as a ‘pontic’ and fuses it between two porcelain crowns to fill the empty area.
The crowns holding the pontic’s in place are attached to the adjacent teeth, replacing the missing tooth/teeth and giving you back a smile with no gaps.

This is a relatively simple dental procedure that, as well as providing a nice cosmetic result, helps to correct any issues related to bite, speech or chewing ability arising as the result of missing teeth.

Accompanied by good dental hygiene, preventative oral care and regular check-ups, dental bridges can last for many years.

If you have gaps you’d like to fill, your Albert Street Dentist can assess if this, or perhaps a dental implant, is the best option for you.